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Creating a simple amimation

Hi All

I'm in a bit of a pickle. I have been asked to supply some simple animated banners for a client but I need a little guidance on how to go about it. I am learning HTML and CSS at the moment and have just started to learn JS. I have to provide the banners so the web designers can insert them into the web site. I think the website has been built using bootstrap but I don't know anything about bootsrap as I have not done that bit of the course yet.

I could probably work out how to do this in CSS but is this the best way to go and how do I present this to the web designers.

I have all the artwork as vector graphics (an area where I am very comfortable) and the animation is very simple such as an object moving from one side of the banner to the other.




Staff member
Doesn't it depend on what the client actually wants, there's at least 4 different approaches that could be used. Ask what format they want.
There's gif, html5, javascript and mp4 video that could be used depending on the requirement of the client.