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hi, good to see you again.

the site looks great, only a few things I can see that could do with ammending:

1) I'm a little picky but the menu doesn't seem right in it's current placement, left aligned would look much better I feel.

2) Seems like too much white space between the logo and the search box, there are some great patterns and images on the page but the white box seems to spoil it slightly


Senior Member
With a design like that you should target designers and other creative people in your copy(writing) and possibly even your hosting plans. If a small business owner comes across your site and compares it to — from the top of my head —*Site5 or One.com I think he will pick one of the latter because they have that typical hosting feel to it.

There is a market for it though. Designers need an affordable and feature-rich hosting provider, and having a fresh look like yours will definitely help you attract designers.

Designwise, there are some alignment issues, particularly the nav. The whitespace is a little limited here and there, and I have this annoying horizontal scrollbar. I don't really like how the flags run through in the feature image, looks a little awkwar.

Lastly, what I really miss and which I think you really should consider including is a comparison table. Preferably put it on the homepage. Or make a very clear button or indication so people can easily find it.


Senior Member
I do like the flags, just not how they continue inside the container. Personal taste I guess. Perhaps what I would have done was have the white body come out from below the flags and top blue section, using the blue section for the logo, nav etc.

Just throwing it out there :)


Staff member
Not commenting on the design (which seems ok, although some titles seem a little jaggy) but the first thing that I wanted to know was bandwidth allowance.

Lots of companies are now doing the 'unlimited' storage but then limit the bandwidth or speed of the connection.

It might be worth mentioning what these are, ie if they're unlimited or restricted etc