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crappy xmas?


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anyone else thinking xmas isnt gonna be too good this year?

kinda pissed off that i work so many hours, i get 3 days off now before xmas eve.

more than that, but i miss the warm feeling of having dickhead family members here to annoy me, as all my sisters have moved out and im at work so much.

anyone know how to become particularly festive all o a sudden?



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sorry fella, I'm kind of bored of Christmas, gonna be using it to upgrade my pc's to windows 7 (No discussions in this thread :)) and try and finish my company rebranding and website etc. As you can see I'm overly festive although I will be having meals with the family on xmas and boxing day :)


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meh. :\

im at a low right now.

no real time for anything/anyone.

went to work at 10am today, finished at 10:20pm.

tmrw i start at 8:30, which is a 6am wake up :\


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I did all that while I was your age, even did some 11pm finishes with 6am starts (5am wake up) the next day. Also did 6am-11pm a few times to.

Nice money but it was damned tiring.

And if you have to be up for 6am why are you still up :p


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ah that first sweet demoralising christmas where you have to work soooo much you are looking forward to the time of!

watch muppets christmas carol, then die hard, home alone, then scrooged...


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Typo said:
Still looking forward to the Apple goodies you so kindly brought back from Apple HQ.


Bah Humbug.
im sorry typo, i havent had time yet. they're all boxed up ready i just havent got as far as sending them. :)
Yeah when you work in retail christmas sucks! This will be my first year totally off around christmas since 2002 and i feel so much more christmassy, can't wait!
Last year i worked at M&S on returns which was mayhem and the 5 years before i worked in a restaurant which was just jam packed full of complaining customers - someone even made me cry on xmas eve!


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I'm off this xmas and not worrying about working which is a new thing for me :)
Been working quite alot lately, but nothing compared to summer...

Hope you use the days off well and arent too tired and just sleep through them (I used to)

just wake up on xmas day and go WOOOOO :D


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@Tim, Levi and Br3n
The scrooges of the group I see, cheer up it's xmas time, time to see fam and get prezi's and if you have been good a man with a sack breaks into your house, and if you are extra lucky he's not a burglar and doesn't take your tree. :D

Jease I bet if either of you 3 have trees up that would be like I'm going back to bed thats just typical. :D

Xmas in my house normal starts at 5am with me waking the kids up, and my other half yelling at me to get back into bed as it's too early, apparently, then when I do, plus the 2 kids I just woke up, all get into bed with her and none of us can clearly sleep as we want to see if Santa's been she finally gets up. She's a bit like you 3 TBF to her.

Yeah and I imagine he went aww barhumbug when he was. :D

@ Ally
Cry at xmas, O sweets that seriously sucks. :down:
I normally cry on xmas thought, but thats because Santa's been because I try extra hard to be a good boy all year. :clap:

just wake up on xmas day and go WOOOOO
Finally someone with my attitude take it you try extra hard to be a good boy all year to? :D

ANYHOO CHEER UP IT'S ONLY ~ 11days, 20hrs, 44mins and 53secs to xmas.
Way too long. :cry:


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O congrats fella hope your having a great day, I see how you dropped that in. :D
See well tomoz will be the start of you being happy and full of xmas spirit then wont it?
You putting a tree up? lol.


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Tim, that feeling is just part of getting older I'm afraid. Life sort of morphs things a bit. It's all about adjusting the occasion to your own situation so it's still special!

Xmas can still be a big deal, it just has to be a different sort of deal than it used to be.

For me it's all about getting the family together and spending time with them, 25th of December is a little incidental, but it's a good reason to get everyone together because it's a rarity the rest of the year.

You know you're not a kid anymore when xmas stops being about anticipation and pressies and starts being about having a few days off! Even if this is the case you can still get a bit of xmas spirit going, but you have to find it in yourself, nobody else s going to give it to you!

I can't wait for the other part of the cycle when I have kids of my own and the xmas magic will come back again with full force!
So what's everyone's favourite Christmas movies??? I wanna watch as many as I can on my week off...

My top 3 are Home Alone, Muppets CC and Trading Places


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I can't wait for the other part of the cycle when I have kids of my own and the xmas magic will come back again with full force!
I find it just intensifies it TBH much to my other halfs dismay. :)

Defo muppets cc and the great escape classic.


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Fave xmas movies: Scrooged (love Bill Murray), Muppet CC is a classic, and Die Hard (even though I have trouble convincing the other half it is actually a xmas movie. The explaination "He writes Ho, Ho, Ho on the dead guys shirt," never seems to work).