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Crap idea? Website from client's Powerpoint pres


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A client wants a website made from their Powerpoint presentation. I intended to use it as a guide and to get text/pics from but to start from scratch in Dreamweaver...

BUT is there some quick way of just uploading it from PP? I'm guessing there is but it's rubbish, and I would prefer to do it my way. Just want to be able to tell the client honestly that what I suggest is the best way to do it.

Sorry for the v boring question zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Staff member
you can save as single or multipage html file too. Just check the options in the file type drop down, I know it's been there since atleast office 2000


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Don't do it, Say you can't work from PP as it's a presentation tool and not a design/layout/graphics tool.

A builder wouldn't be expected to build a house from plans drawn in MS Word, why build a website from PPT?


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Nicely put Harry. I had someone who wanted me to sort out there website that was using one of those crap template sites but i didnt have access to the style sheet and html so i told them I would have to start from scratch. It worked out cheaper for them to start from scratch than if i would have tried sorting out the template. just say that to them.


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Thanks guys, all v helpful. Luckily they have agreed on starting it afresh. Harry, I'm going to keep your comment on a Sticky for future use!


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A client wants a website made from their Powerpoint presentation.
Sympathies, don't know if I should :D or :cry: for you TBH.

Personally if that's what the client wants, IMO do as best a job as you can, but just leave it off your portfolio.
Sounds relatively easy to pull off if you just manually convert it to flash or HTML, doesn't mean it's going to look great or be usable but that's not what your getting paid for.

End of the day easy job easy cash, so....


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Ha! Cry definitely! No, now I can do it in DW it won't be too bad, and at least they have some idea of where they want everything to go...
Isnt there an "export to html using the worstly written code known to man and a style for every element so your document is the most bloated thing on the internet and will crash the very internet itself due to it's enormous bloatiness" button somewhere in the file menu? Sure I saw it somewhere?


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Snigger! Yes, that's the sort of button I feared my client had come across and I was worried about how to tell them what you've just said while still appearing professional!