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Craig Multimedia Student


Junior Member

I'm Craig and i'm currently studying a BSc in Multimedia Technology at Leeds Met. The course consists of web design, branding, graphic design, print, typograhy, motion graphics, 3D design, animation, video etc. :D


Junior Member
Yeah its a nice little mixture of modules. I'm mostly self taught but the degree's just a bonus, people might look at me more with it. Ben, too bad you don't live in Leeds. I have a mate in Android development and they've been looking for a designer.


Junior Member
Not surprised you didn't go to uni with skills like that. Some people are just born to do **** like this. Check my mate from uni out, she hand sketches animals (freehand) very talented!!! Hayley Smith
beautiful drawings, I love animal portraits, do a bit myself but still pushing that skill so not at the level I want to be at just yet. Ah dang that would be good, well hopefully a local firm to me will soon be taking me on as an app designer/developer, spent half a day there, they've had meetings all agreeing I'm perfect for the role, but they are currently moving premises so cant give the go ahead yet which is very frustrating as the job is amazing


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She's got brilliant work there, the tonal balance looks just right! Hope all goes well Ben. "I hate the waiting, the god damned waiting"
ha yes, especially when you basically got the job but they cant confirm it yet and not sure when they can give you a date.... ahhhh i want it now! lol