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Course advice needed

Discussion in 'Universities & Training Forum:' started by daliscar55, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. daliscar55

    daliscar55 New Member

    Im just starting on my education in this field and would really like some advice from you seasoned pro's....

    I have zero experience, and very few learned skills. Looking to start myself off with a course somewhere. Working fulltime so an evening or weekend course is currently the only option. Ive found a course 1 evening a week that bills itself as Graphic Design but seems only based around the programs that would be used, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. The course is meant to be £3000 for 10 weeks, which i think is very high, but have managed to get an extremely good deal for it.

    From anyones experience with beginners and good courses to start them off can anyone recommend a good one in London?

    The one i mentioned is here: The BKH Academy - Graphic Design

    My budget for anything else would be in the region of £500 and id love some sort of qualification at the end of a course, but realise this would be a bit much to ask. At the beginning im just very excited to get involved and let my ideas grow!

    At the end of the course im aiming on having my own consultancy, and to do poster design/work within music/furniture design. Ive looked into specifics in these areas but havent found much yet so the general framework will be the best place for me to start off....

    Any advice greatly appreciated!!!
  2. alter

    alter New Member

    Have you looked at open university or the lynda range of courses? With online courses you won't have a legit qualification, but the OU would count
  3. daliscar55

    daliscar55 New Member

    Have looked previously at OU, but didn't go ahead. There are some interesting ones available but I really want some hands on classroom experience to get me started. This isn't online, it's classroom based but I'm concerned it's too heavy on program's rather than teaching the other elements of design.
  4. alter

    alter New Member

    Honestly, its such a vast field that there isn't really 'hands-on' education or anything that beats actually working in the field or knowing someone in the know. £3000 for a ten week course sounds well high- you'd probably make some progress but nothing beats sitting down with a book and following some exercises. Have you thought about doing NVQ or doing some voluntary work?
  5. daliscar55

    daliscar55 New Member

    I've got a vastly reduced fee for it, wangled it :) just trying to work out if it's the best thing for me to put my money into so I can move on to the next stage. I'm the kind of student that needs a tutor, haven't been in education for more than 10 years so will be a shock to the system...
  6. callan

    callan New Member

    I chanced upon this forum while looking for something else. May I suggest WAES : Westminster Adult Education Service, London UK
    We teach complete beginners in Photography, Graphic Design and other art subjects for much less.
    We are adult education, offer qualifications, great teachers and some lovely new facilities with CS6.

    You are very welcome to email me for further information. I run the department.
  7. callan

    callan New Member

    We also teach more advanced classes too! BTEC Level 1 to Level 4

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