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Couple of questions about product sheets.

I am assigned to create some product sheets for a company and I am fairly new at creating them and graphic design in general and was hoping someone could help me with some questions.

1. He was hoping to have something simple information on the back of the product sheet but was thinking of having it horizontal as oppose to vertical. Should I recommend not doing this? Or does it not matter as much cause %90 of the space on the back is going to be visual and not text?

2. He is planning on having me create multiple product sheets (one for each of his products) in a 'folio' (I believe that is the right term?) to hand out to his clients. He was thinking that the product sheets should have their names of the products going down the side of the page and each one be smaller than the next so they create a cascading effect of product sheets. My question: Is it better to have them getting smaller horizontally or vertically? I created the image below of them getting horizontally smaller just to make it easier to understand what I mean...

I appreciate any help very much! =)