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Could you guys be brutal to this site please?


Thanks for looking, this isn't finished and it's finding the time yadda yadda, but it needs improving.

I'm mainly looking for some fresh eyes - where content should be; are there any things that bug you etc etc.

Some links don't go anywhere as it's a matter of creating the content.

Honesty is appreciated, I will try and not be too defensive :D and I look forward to your comments.




Senior Member
Love every bit of it.

But personally, I'd prefer to see a blue background/header colour instead of red.. then it's perfect IMO


Senior Member
looks good, clean and professional. Tim has a point (but don't let it go to his head) could look good with a different colour header or background?


Staff member
Now I'm a person that likes red (Its part of my brand colours) but for some reason its not working on your site for me. I don't know if its the red background being too strong or if its the shade of red so it might be worth trying a couple of other colours.

As to the rest I quite like the overall design but its just the colours which aren't quite doing it for me.


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Berry the Brutal signing in.........
I have a major problem with this site and it's this, the very first word you say.
"We produce dazzling design, create compelling websites"

If that is the case why am i looking at a dull boring layout that looks like a bog standard $69 off the shelf template?

Poor branding, or zero branding,the 'myvision' website is better than your own!

I'm kinda at a loss to see how/why you want to produce and promote yourselves in such a boring an unimaginative way. Not much thought, structure or real inventiveness. If you can't do it for yourself, how can you do it for clients? I'm confused! No originality, neither dazzling or compelling.


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black and red when used together are THE most negative colours possible. The reason most "sale" signs are red/white is because they are the opposite and they dont subcontiously tell the person reading them to run away.


Senior Member
ARGH! Lose the bevel on the headers!! JEEZ!


I want the gloss at the top to line up too. But yea...what Berry said... ^ ^ ^
Thank you everyone: particularly Berry - noted and thinking about your comments, that's the kind of honesty I need when staring at something for a long time you need fresh eyes, so thank you again for taking the time.

br3n yes maybe I'll change it to white and red (red being the company colour).

@rossnorthernunion yep getting that too I think the structure needs a rethink and the typography needs to be pinned down somewhat.

Thank you again everybody