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Could you give me design advices about this landing page, please?

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by Dave_C, Oct 4, 2016.


Could you give me design advices about this landing page, please?

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  1. Dave_C

    Dave_C New Member

    I've just started learn to create websites, learn to html coding, javascript and css coding, and a little photoshop as well.

    I created an image about a landing page for my new application. This is my very first home-made project. The application helps you to typing safety on street, because it turns the camera on. I know there are many of these type of applications. I just create it for fun.

    There's a fixed bar on the top with ghost CTA button and a brandname. On the left there's an image of a street which will be animated when you scroll down. There will be a man who will avoid bumping into hydrant, dustbin and a girl.

    On the right side there will be an image of the apllication (that's not ready yet), a little text copy and an other CTA.

    You can't try the page. This is just an design idea.

    What do you think about the design, about the colours etc? What do you think about the scrolling concept?

    I need hard critics. Thanks for answers.
  2. Dave_C

    Dave_C New Member

    Sorry, this is the correct link: [​IMG]

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