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Could someone review my CV?

Discussion in 'Design Jobs & Employment Forum:' started by bungle1977, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. bungle1977

    bungle1977 Member

    I've attached my cv and was wondering if I can improve it. Any tips?
    Thank you
    Stephen Mortimer_CV-Resume.jpg
  2. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    It's a bit simple. I understand it's a nice, clean design, but you're applying for a creative position, be creative with your CV.
  3. gisto02

    gisto02 New Member

    abit too simple i think..needs something to stand out..there is no contrast in your typography either, just looks abit dull and boring to be honest..not really special about it, looks like a generic cv
  4. bungle1977

    bungle1977 Member

    This was more aimed at the HR people than the Creative Director. Its more the wording and whether or not I am mentioning the right things. I have a presentation for the more creative type. Need to get pass the HR people first :)
  5. gisto02

    gisto02 New Member

    I think most creative jobs will be more interested in how creative and good your work is, rather than were you have worked previous. Its good to explain what you can do on paper, but i think its best to actually show this. best to get the attention of the creatives 1st then you have no problem with the HR i guess.

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    Are FONDA the company trying to get rid of you?
  7. bungle1977

    bungle1977 Member

    Yes, along with another group. But the more important thing is I am trying to do something about it. I had to whip up a CV fairly quickly.
  8. richimgd

    richimgd Member

    Thats not true at all - if you have previously worked at some good / well respected places then that speaks volumes - its probably what they see first before your portfolio in many cases - especially the HR / recruitment agencies. Experience is what employers and recruiters look for and use to value people. I got some good comments just because I had worked somewhere on a placement that had a good reputation. Of course having a good portfolio is important too but I'd say it is only on par with the experience you have earned.

    Regarding the CV - It looks to me like it has been designed in Microsoft Word, especially with those bullet points and formatting. I think your on the right lines of keeping it simple and on one page but the general layout and feel of it could be improved. You can have a nicely designed CV that is still perfectly legible and 'HR friendly'. Maybe just try a similarly minimal layout but be a bit more creative with your typography and formatting.
  9. bungle1977

    bungle1977 Member

    Thanks richimgd, not too concerned with design at the moment, its more the content. Should I include anything additional? Does it read OK? etc
  10. Moominbaby

    Moominbaby Member

    Hi bungle1977,

    I am glad that your managing to move on from the swines where you worked before :)

    Lots of people have already seen this cv post but I'll post it on here again as it really is the most usefull surgestion I have (applogogies for banging on those whove seen it before!)

    Like you I had spent a long time thinking about what HR people where looking for and whether my cv would upload to sites etc etc bascially all very bloody boring!

    I then did a mailer and this is my CV...
    Louie Bowers: A New CV

    My advice would be really have a think about where your dream job would be and what you would like to be within that job.
    From me it was a funny creative person who worked at a company that liked a laugh and produced great work. So I created a brand and all my cover letters, invoices (for freelance work) buisness cards had the same feel.
    Have a look at my CV and I hope you'll see what I mean. I know you keep saying that you want to just check content but it should all be styled the same. some one reading your copy should feel that the same person designed the cv. Eg I had silly titles and quirky facts that followed through my cards and cv.

    Ulimatly I got lots of resopnses from people because of my CV. I have a full time job now and lots of freelance contacts and one wants to poach me as soon as theyre a bigger company. I have also kept in contact with people and recruitment firms who liked my CV there where a lot! because its personnal and they remember it.
    I also wrote quiet a cheaky cover letter to go with emails (i think you could find it in one of my posts about cover letters ) and resized my cv to fit in a a4 print out.

    So basically relax and think about what YOU want from a job and the rest is easyish Lol!

    I hope this helps :)
  11. Moominbaby

    Moominbaby Member

    Oh and these are great guys and where very helpful!

  12. bungle1977

    bungle1977 Member

    Thanks for the tips and the link, will give agencybell a tinkle. You have a nice CV, I'm not sure I would have the money at this stage to produce a CV like this (litho or digital?) unless I am offered a job every time I send one out :)
  13. bungle1977

    bungle1977 Member

    By the way. I think the spelling of "traveling" (American English) should be "travelling" (British English)
  14. Edge

    Edge Active Member

    CV tips

    Right - you have listed your skills as HTML, CSS. Uh versions? HTML 5? CSS 3?
    Any references to the mobile web, app design - you know, all the new stuff?
    Also take out Adobe Suite version number - who wants to know your're proficient in using CS4 - when the latest is CS5?
    Put a bit of spark into it and sell yourself a bit more - layout is good but looks like when it came to writing the content you weren't that bothered.
  15. Moominbaby

    Moominbaby Member

    A dam those americans! lol! I am the worst speller!
    Yes making the cv and b.card was a costly buisness but like thy say youve got to spend money to make money! I think all in all including absolutly everything from glue dots, stamps and it prob cost me £300 but it was worth it, I got a job. And the printing was just a local printers nothing fancy and for a 100 copies cost about £120 .
    Good Luck!
  16. chisan

    chisan New Member

    A good place for some CV inspiration is over at CV Parade :icon_smile:

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    Oh nice site, cheers for that. :icon_thumbup:
  18. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    Choose a good typeface and keep it to one page. Keep it clear and clean and stylish. Some of the CVs on CV parade are excellent. Initially you want to get your CV read. Perhaps have two - one like Moomins for the creative design agencies you target and one for HR and the Recruitment agencies.
  19. mega

    mega New Member

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