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Cool desk stuff I'm attempting to 'design'


Firstly, this isn't really a critique of my actual art skills (I have approximately zero), but I've some 3d renders and some 'rl' samples of some desk accessories I was thinking of made up. As a bunch of designers I was wondering what you thought:

UKBF desk stuff - Imgur

I'll be taking some actual pictures later on since the samples I've had made up have come through (yay!), but anything's appreciated. I do need to get some proper pictures done, a minimalist style requires perfect lines/pics etc. Anyway I'm just interested in your thoughts, any additions you'd make or not bother with?

Google sketchup is a nice piece of software considering its free and so simple to understand but I don't understand exactly what you are thinking here? Are the renders step by step of how you made the final image?

Would be cool to see some pics of what you have done though :)


Staff member
Ok... like Alex I'm not entirely sure what your thinking etc is behind this post.

It would be helpful if you can give us a little more info behind the 'designs'... I can critique the CAD and ideas (my background is product design and 3D) but it's not worth doing this without knowing more about the thinking etc.