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cool contacts page


Senior Member
Hi all

I want to do something different for my contact page and i was wondering if you had any suggestions.

i was thinking of having a map of the world with a square caption box coming off from bristol with my contact details.

if you have any cool suggestions let me know.

cheers all


Senior Member
Whatever you do, it's already been done before :)
Except for that one idea I'm gonna use for my own site... although because I haven't seen it being used doesn't mean it hasn't.


Senior Member
On a serious note, dont just think about "coolness" its all to do with usability too.

Ive seen a contact form done before using sentences with "gaps" that the user fills in. For istance:

My name is ............ ............. and I work for ......... .......... ... We are looking for you to design us a new ............ and have a budget of roughly £....... [send]
It looked pretty cool, but on a usability level it probably wasn't the best option for many users.

Maybe think about styling your contact form well. Im mine at the moment for my new site and it will have hovering captions next to each field when they are clicked into that guide the user on what to input. For instance, next to my budget field I will show "Although we don't need to know your budget it will help us to work with you at a level that you can afford." Or something similiar ;)

I'de always go for simple yet smart...have it do something slightly different rather than totally "cool".

The map idea could work but youde have to create a cool graphic. See the bottom of this page....

digiti.be (Dont link! Saw it posted by Onartis in another thread and this was his request!)


Junior Member
Agreed with the above.. no matter how cool it is if the user gets confused then your subliminally pissing them off lol!

Sounds like a good idea with the map and im sure whatever idea you come up with will work.. just ensure the usability side of it is great alongside it :) find a nice mix! at end of the day if they are at the contact page then they have already been wowed enough to contact you lol.