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Cool 404 pages


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Hi all,

I've just made a new 404 page for my blog/portfolio site. I love 404 pages, because I can't help thinking that people put a lot of time and effort into something they hope nobody sees!

You can see my new 404 page here: http://kenreynoldsdesign.co.uk/404

Let me know what you think.

It'd be cool if you can leave links to cool 404 pages you've seen about the web, we can get a bit of a showcase going.


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I must admit I did think of Mike as the idea hit me. I know the idea has probably been done before but I thought, bugger it! I haven't done it before!


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:D you've completely made it your own too, using your 'avatar' (no idea what YOU call your cartoon of you) and the obi wan 'ken'-obi ^_^


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I like it, except if you load the page up and you got that it may honestly take me a few seconds to work it out. We're all expecting it to be a 404 page a user who got that wouldn't be. As it breaks from convention someone who got it when trying to visit another page may be like err......aww its not found.

Personally I would add 404 Page can not be found or has been moved header above the image, that way it gets rid of any issues and follows what people would expect to see as well. :)

I would also put the ads at the bottom and the articles at the top, higher chance of keeping users then.

Could you not also see what page they were looking for and do a search of the DB and then put any close matches out in a we cant find your exact page however we have these close matches to take a look at section?


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Thanks for all of your comments guys, appreciated.

@Jaz, cheers for your thoughts.
I think I have a bit of leeway as far as the functionality of the 404 page goes. I like to assume that most of the people viewing the site will be pretty clued up and recognise the page for what it is, even if the presentation is a little subtle because the layout of the page is the same as a functional page. I may be in the wrong but for the sake of a little joke I'd rather not play to the lowest common denominator and assume everyone needs everything spelled out explicitly.

I've tried to handle the integration of the ads as sensitively as I can, one of the things I've had to make a concession on is the fact that at least one block of ads has to appear above the fold, to give them a better chance of selling.

I concede my approach to a 404 page from a purely functional and usability standpoint is pretty crap. I'm going for humour and I'm comfortable with that. With any luck this page will hardly ever be seen, but I think it's functionality is good enough to put a reader back on the right track.


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Cheers Glen. Everyone can draw!
Send me a PM or email about the sort of thing you might be after and we can see what can be done.