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contrast and compare


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In the ever growing Abdul vs Mo saga, something interesting has arisen, and I am willing to get the ball rolling.

So I welcome you DF to post examples of your work from several (5+ish) years ago, a few years ago (1-2) and then a very recent piece.

One challenge as a designer is learning to be self critical to improve, so I think this should be part of it. I'm going to stick to posters, as I do love doing them.

I did this piece in my first year of uni (2002), I am still proud of the idea, but I know now that there is a mess of text on there and this gives it a general inconsistancy. Also the way the image is framed is terrible, end of. The way I have layered the hands onto the graveyard image is incredibly rough also, I could have done with going back and re taking photos to get the balance better, but because I was a first year, it was "close enough".

This was 2006, leading on the typography is overly tite, whilst this looks kinda cool in place, it is very inconsistant throughout. I think the texture is almost distracting, as it is not detailed enough to add to the design. The messy jumble of vectors has some innacuracies in how they were cut out, and are not constistant in detail. Considerations for bleed space on this were non-existant!

recent one, in this case I based the design around reference from the cover of their most recent record, likewise the typographical layout is similar to the logo. The typography is a little crammed in, I did the visual element and then had to fit info around it.

Sometimes admiting it to yourself is the hardest part, but being self critical sure helps you develop. Sometimes you have to be overly self critical to get the best from yourself, but the balance is know when to stop so you can actually get a job done!

Anyone want to follow?


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This should be interesting..... I've dug some stuff out..

This was done 9 years ago in 2000, a 48 page magazine for the North East Publicity Association, an association that has its membership of all the Ad & Design agencies, Media agencies, Newspapers, PR, Photographers etc etc, very typographical. I did all the design work on this one

This was a pan-european press campaign for O'Neill, done about 6 years ago? The double page ad campaign was for the range of footwear. I shot this underwater in special underwater tank with a photographer called Zena Hollaway, who is the person for underwater stuff. The guy is a well known surfer ( the ads appeared in surf mags as well), The girl was a very game london model. They are actually holding on a position on a fine wire. There was 3/4 ads in the campaign. Picked up a number of awards. I did the concept and art direction for the campaign

This campaign was launched this week for the NHS. To raise the awareness of the influence adult drinking the home can have on children. This campaign has it's own website, print, PR, ads etc. I only provided the concept not the actually execution, that was done by the guys and gals in Crayons


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Nice idea for a thread Mike, and great to see some of your Berry, I've always been intrigued :)
I'll try and dig some bits out to post later, hopefully won't be too shocking!


I just tried to find my first piece of work ... but its on a Zip disk somewhere... and i have since lost the Zip drive :( boo :(


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Greg. see you've rescaled images which is great. It may be a point to inform members of a maximum consistant pixel width for DF forum imagery in the future.


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ok I'll play too :)
My works going to be a little different as my main work is 3D over 2D graphics anyways but here you go :)

blue Ice Axe - final project at uni - 5-6 years ago iirc
pda type phone thingy - personal project about a year later
black 'netbook' current rendering being produced for my website (due to restrictions from NDA's), I'm still tweaking as I'm a picky sod :)



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Cheers Berry, coming from you thats a compliment :p

It's funny, the rate at which you can improve work in an area such as mine is exponential, I think everytime I sit down and do a bit of work, I either tweak a 'set scene' or adjust a material so that it looks better than the last one. Then theres finding new parts of the program and using it to get the desired effect before going into photoshop etc.


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Here we go then... some bits from the Uni Work archives!

First off, this was a branding project for a new Jewellery company, we had to create the name, brief, logo and some sample packaging designs. I came up with Envy and the play on the I Heart NY logo.

Next this is another logo design project, this one was even more of an open brief, I ended up choosing a product I don't like personally so it pushed me to research further, I went with a new coffee chain, promoting fair trade. The 3 coffee beans represent the roots of the product in the third world, and the name comes from the first people to discover the coffee bean, the Galla tribe.

Next was a brief to design a logo for a new student bank account, it had to fit with the brand image of Smile bank, so I went with the name fresh and created this logotype, looking at it again now the type is pretty weak!! But I enjoyed the project at the time :)

And finally, one of the last projects I did at Uni, a brief to create a name, logo and packaging for a garden seeds company, the brief stated the company was trying to appeal to first time property owners and young professionals, riding on the back of the successful TV DIY style programmes. I came up with Green Space and the following package prototypes. The pillow style packets for the seeds were intended to create a greater perceived value on the seeds.

That's all for now!! :D


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nothing to shocking greg! love the bag. Levi, that notebook is awesome! Berry, really like the oneill ad!

already I think it is clear for all of us who have posted, that good ideas are always good ideas, just our execution improves.
I like this thread too. Don't have any of my really early horrendous stuff to hand, most on Zip Disks (!) in a deep dark corner somewhere, I don't expect there are many zip disk drives around any more, and I certainly don't have one. Here's a few though.

This was part of Uni final year project for a bespoke fashion retailer in birmingham. Having no money to employ models the fella in this shot is me with a random models head super imposed on. The photoshopping up close is dreadful but I still like the idea of layering material, illustrations and print outs and then scanning them in to make the final image.

This was a Ben Sherman accessories catalogue I designed and Art Directed the shots for in a previous job. Think it holds up quite well and the arrangements of products are good. I had to go charity shopping for the props which was fun but the backgrounds for the shoot (wooden floors etc) all had to be faked from print outs due to major time constraints, and you can tell on some shots.

Lastly this is the cover and sample spread from the Lingerie company I've just branded and done catalogues for. Only just back from the printers so haven't photographed yet. Currently quite pleased with this one although some of the photos provided weren't the best quality which was frustrating.