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Contact form help

I know there is ALOT of contact form posts on here but for some reason, the ones that people have posted I can't get to work.
Im no good with PHP and scripts etc.

I need a contact form that I can edit the field names easily.

If anyone can help I would be much appreciated and can relax and stop stressing!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah that is an easy one to use, just change the bold'ed parts and your set to go ;).

Damn i hate comining in from the cold, cold hands, hardly type ¬¬


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Glad to see my codes useful. :)

If your having difficulties getting it to work hippy let me know with which part n i'll help u implament it. If u are other ppl will be as well so the feedback would be great so i can improve it for everyone. : )


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Yeah Levi's right you need to save it as contact-me.php and then link to it as .php not .html. As the php file extention tells the browser to parse it as a php document. If you give it a .html extention the browser wont look for PHP code and output it rather than parsing it.

I'll update the thread. My fault. :(

But change it to a .php extention then let me know if you run in to an issue. Shouldn't as I've used it. :)