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Contact details… where do they end?

So I'm in the process of knocking together a folio site, and plan to include a few different contact details.

The usual, tel, email, etc.

Then I got to thinking about including details for 'ping' messenger, skype, msn, and that the list of potential contact methods could go on forever.

I reckon it has the potential to get silly with a list of contact methods as long as your arm, but perhaps it is good to offer potential clients a plethora of options to contact you.
Or does just email and skype suffice if they want to be able to contact you for free?

With that in mind, does anyone use Skype with an active subscription to their voicemail features? I have potential for a fair few clients in the States, so it'd be nice to offer this - just wondered what everyones thoughts are



Staff member
address, telephone, email address/contact form would be a given. I've seen sites with online messaging services built into the site and I've seen skype added at times.

If you have a use for skype then add it is what I'd say.
I have Skype open most of the time for friends and colleagues to ping me a quick message, but apart from Chinese factories hardly anyone contacts me out of the blue. My Skype address is in my email signature, but I imagine it will be a useful way to communicate with a client once a relationship has been established, not a way to start one.

I usually use mobile, email, URL, Skype in email sigs, don't see the need for much more. I'd include everything on my website though, it's much more unobtrusive.
Yeah I'm not seeing it exactly as a way to start a relationship, just wondering how useful they might all be in the long run.

Saying that I used to have MSN open when I worked as the internal designer at a job, and it pinged constantly. Not pleasant to deal with!