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Constructive Criticism Please


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Can I have some feed back on this I did for a competition please. What do you think good, bad or indifferent? It is aimed at women who are in a hurry but want to eat well aged 25 - 35

Let me know



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Hi Ed, I think you'll need to tell us what your looking at before any useful critic can be offered.

Is this a button/badge, a sort of yogurt top? Sticker?

What will the finished proportions be?


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It's the lid of a pot? Doesn't look much like a pot to me. Should've used a real image and overlayed your design on it rather than just working in a circular shape, like this (forgive me for running off with your design :p). You see that "in real life" your border shadow is very heavy and seems slightly pointless. Also, where is the rest of the pot?

Design-wise I can see where you're going. The soft flurry gradient fits the product but your text (and especially the shadows) is/are very intrusive to the design. The picture looks a bit unnatural, most likely because they're just kind of floating. I'm not a product-design expert but I don't think you should be going for a solid black background.


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its not bad, but try doing something with the raspberries maybe? a little outline.
and the color gradient maybe make it blend more with the black.
otherwise its nice :)


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Hi Guys

Thanks for the feedback. Should of given you more info. Its a pot top for porridge (have not got round to the actual pot graphics).

This is just a visual at the moment and needs extra work on it, if I use this design I will need to do my own photography and tidy up the gradients.

Onartis - I know what you mean about the photography been 'unnatural' they need placing into the design more and not be floating. This was just a visual so wasn't fully artworked up. I thought I would use black as the main background colour to give a sense of a luxury product, something tempting and indulgent. I could knock the shadows back a bit as on reflection I might of gone a bit far with them.

Chloe - I did the gradients in Photoshop and I am now thinking if I refine this design I might produce the gradients in Illustrator using the gradient mesh tool to give me more control and a higher quality finish.

Again everyone thanks for the input.



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If your struggling with the photography perhaps you could just use colours (perhaps 'splats') to represent flavours?

The font you've used is pretty nice but the typography does need work. At the moment it looks a bit weak and unfinished [FONT=&quot]particularly[/FONT] everything bar the 'Oat so simple' which is the better part of it.

I would try making the 'Oat so simple' bigger - make the 'Raspberry' bigger and curve to the shape of the pot top then see how you can work the 'an indulgent....' in better


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Hi Ed,

My advice would be to look more closely at the appeal of the product and how the company may want to be perceived. There's tons of fantastic organic food packaging around, I would be researching into this and looking to create a more natural feel for the design.

Check out theDieLine blog, tons of packaging design inspiration on here > TheDieline.com: Package Design

This is the kind of vibe I could imagine a company like Quaker Oats going for...

Hope that helps!


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it's a lot of white text, and not much hierarchy to it. Delicious hot or cold is definitely a through away thing, and smaller type for the description would give the whole design more room to breathe.

i'd like to see the text follow the curve of the lid at the bottom.

it's my initial thoughts, hope it helps

i'm quite hungry now