Constructive criticism on my work


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Hello,I'm new to graphic design and I'm looking for constructive criticism on a badge I designed for a beer company. It is unofficial. I just used the company for inspiration to practice.

I would appreciate any feedback given.
Also the 'grow to revolution' looks a bit different compared to the other text. I checked the settings, but nothing is out of the ordinary.

Thank you.


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Yes, you have distorted the bottom line so you need to do it as you did the top line, but even the top
line isn't concentric with the circle below it.

Overall I would make the lettering a bit bigger, the inner circle smaller, and the illustration a bit bigger once you've
redrawn it - you know that is a poor attempt.
I do like the concept! I think you need to start back from square 1 with a piece of paper and a pencil. Make at least 50-100 different thumbnails with different ideas. I know 50 sounds like a lot but once you get going it flies by.