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Junior Member
Hi guys,

I found this forum as i have spent ALL night trying to do the simplest of tasks and now my eyes are bleeding LOL

I have been using gimp and i want to make a really simple chrome box with rounded corners and a chrome pound sign in the top right corner..... The box is a frame to have writing in and the pound sign i want half in and half out at the top right hand corner (if that makes sense)

It's harder than it looks this graphic design lark, my hats off to you all!!

Anyway, if anyone could give me a simple (noobish) tutorial and save me another 12 hours off hell it would be much appreciated

Claire x


Active Member
Hi Claire,

Welcome to DF, not familiar with gimp, so probably wouldn't be able to help all that much (unless it's really similar to Photoshop). Have you managed to get this sorted yet?



Staff member
gimp is similar to photoshop although gimpshop is better as it's laid out more like photoshop.

Clair you could get a trial of photoshop as that would allow you to do the design easier with our help.

edit: you can get ready made 'chrome' layer effects from here for photoshop