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Confortable Timer :)

How do you Think is the Idea?

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I Didn't knowed where i put it :(
I always use it when im going to sleep, and render Cinema 4D or each other render programs.
Because my Mom is shouting on me when the PC is mornings on :D!

How it Looks: http://prntscr.com/aizwem
Its CMD, because something other programs are working like snakes, while you're rendering.
(I know its German. But im gonna make an Translated Version!)

1 = 1 Hour
2 = 2 Hours
3 = 3 Hours
4 = 4 Hours
5 = 5 Hours
6 = Abort Timer
7 = My YouTube Channel

The Download:
[link removed - Levi, Moderator]
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yeah I'm not going to let this go I'm afraid, cmd files run via an exe are an easy in for plenty of undesirables on a pc.

Nothing personal but you're a first time poster and the reasons above.

As it's likely a batch file being run to access the windows scheduler to set a shutdown time you are more than free to post up the code in this thread so people that understand the code can then chose to use it if they deem it safe.