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Concert poster feedback?

Hey all!
I've recently been doing quite a few "made-up" jobs to simply practice my design skills and the fill time between real projects. Here I've created a concert poster and I'm looking for any feedback and/or criticisms you may have. Looking to really nail down a solid portfolio in the coming months and I'm working on pieces that showcase my ability so I'd like these to be great. Let me know what you like or what I can improve / fix to make this as solid of a piece as possible.




Staff member
I haven't got any criticism Nik.

I think that's a really nice, strong piece of work you've done there.


Well-Known Member
Really nice work. As Scotty said, I can't really fault it. If I were to pick the pickiest of nits it would be to ask the question if a passer-by will be able to read the gig date/location in a hurry, but that depends on how large this would be printed if it ever was.
Thanks for the feedback, guys. Jim, this would be printed as an 11x17 if it was ever printed. When creating this I took much more of an aesthetic approach than a functional approach. If it were ever printed I would definitely considet making the information more of a focal point that it is now. Thanks again for the replies though!