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Concept design

Duncan Y.

Senior Member
Hi guys! Can someone here tells me what actually a Concept Design is like and on what purpose it serves? I'm totally lost on this...

Many thanks in advance! :)


Senior Member
Hi Duncan,
Normally when you are asked to do a concept design that simply means drawing an early idea that is still in its early stages. This may be drawn by hand or on your computer but it gives the client an idea of what the final thing will look like but without worrying about all the final details.

I had to draw hundereds of concept designs when I studied Product Design at uni which showed what my idea would look like, how it would work, what colours it would be, and the sketches would be labelled with additional information such as the materials I was planning to use. This would give anyone who saw my drawings an idea of what the final product would be like.

Often, concept designs change alot as an idea is developed through the design process.

Hope that helps!


Staff member
Dave I'd actually disagree a little with you there (I did product design at uni too) - to me a concept design is about showcasing ideas to gauge public/client reaction. I'd see the 'concept' stages you're referring to as design development as they're not really a concept until they're presented to a client/tutor/general public, while being developed they're still idea's and as you know an idea can be completely different to the presented concept. As to the materials, they usually went in their own technical document or on the technical drawings, I never mentioned the materials used on any of my concept design images, however on development work there were notes about the materials/colours etc.

Now this may be down to different teaching methodologies at our chosen universities etc, a full course versus a sub section of a degree or even the difference between BSc and BA courses but that's my view on it :)

As to what is a concept design - well it really does depend on the field but in my view it's basically one or more images/models showing YOUR vision/design in relation to a particular brief or problem.

Easiest way of thinking of it is lots of people put out an image of what the next apple product will look like based on rumours or their wish list, in product design these would be described as a concept designs.

Duncan Y.

Senior Member
Hi Dave! Thanks for yours and Levi's advices and sharing to me about what's a concept design is about but i'm still lost here as both of you have two different point of view upon the concept matter.

Maybe i'm too dumb or what i don't really know but how about this - for example, like 'the Drunken Goose' competition, if the client needs a concept design, what is required to present? If product related, is it like em... showing how's the product representing the brand and how's it will be related to the public through drawings or some other methods? It's kind of just like an idea like what you guys had mentioned is it?

Sorry about my weak understanding ability.

Many thanks in advance! ;)

Duncan Y.

Senior Member
Here's what i can found in wikipedia, is it close?

Concept art is a form of illustration where the main goal is to convey a visual representation of a design, idea, and/or mood for use in films, video games, animation, or comic books before it is put into the final product. Concept art is also referred to as visual development and/or concept design. This term can also be applied to retail design, set design, fashion design and architectural design.

A concept artist is an individual who generates a visual design for an item, character, or area that does not yet exist. This includes, but is not limited to, film production, animation production and more recently video game production. A concept artist may be required for nothing more than preliminary artwork, or may be required to be part of a creative team until a project reaches fruition. While it is necessary to have the skills of a fine artist, a concept artist must also be able to work to strict deadlines in the capacity of a graphic designer. Some concept artists may start as fine artists, industrial designers, animators, or even special effects artists. Interpretation of ideas and how they are realized is where the concept artist's individual creativity is most evident, as subject matter is often beyond their control.


Senior Member
Hi Duncan, I wouldnt advise paying 100 for that course, you will learn much more just getting involved in the DF community, and that is free!

As for your question about the Drunken Goose competition, if Greg has asked for a concept design for the drunken goose website, he would mean that he wants you to produce some visuals showing what the website will look like but you do not have to design and produce a fully working actual website.

Duncan Y.

Senior Member
Thanks Dave! :D I think i started to understand more! :D If time allows i will try to put up some works regarding this subject and ask for some review in here ;)