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Computer Built into desk - A level

I'm making a desk with a computer built into it for my A2 product design course, and I need to find out some things for my coursework. If you could answer these questions it would be a real help to me.

Thank you :)
1. Should I use a blocky/square aesthetic or a fluent curvy one?

2. Should it be made with built in screens, or make it so that you are able to use your currently owned screens?

3. I plan to use tinted glass/plastic for the surface, should I have a white or black border?

4. Is there any extra features you would like to see on the desk? (e.g: Phone docks)

5. Should I go with a minimalistic feel (e.g: hidden speakers) or a cluttered, busy feel?

6. Should I include a drawer?

7. I also plan to make the top of the desk waterproof by using a projection keyboard, do projection mouses/trackpads exist or is there a waterproof mouse on the market?

Any other suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time


Staff member
First off welcome to the forum.

You will find that people usually respond better to these types of posts after a person has joined in a bit first.

As to the questions, I am a fully qualified product designer and working in the industry so I recommend you take notice.

1) That's the designers job to decide based on the brief given to them. You would come up with multiple concepts, review them and then select the one with most favourable feedback or redesign based on the feedback... I'd have thought you'd have been taught this method by your teacher.

2) Again, this is down to the designer to decide based on the brief

3) plastic... I wouldn't it will scratch and glass shouldn't really need a border, not to mention it will show all the mess inside the 'pc drawer'. White/Black... depends on the tint and the colour/material of the case

4) depends on the design of the desk

5) That links into question 1 and has the same answer. There's a market for both

6) How else would you get the pc inside....

7) you haven't really done much research on this have you.... projection keyboards/mice have been around for around a decade, they're pretty much useless on glass last time I checked. You could also look into your schools smartboard if you have them. You could just include the touchscreen into the glass, like on a phone but that's not exactly cheap
Side note to 7) why would you restrict a user from picking their own choice of equipment.
Thanks for the reply :)

I was just using this post as my initial research to find out what people would like from the desk so I could get some possible designs going through my head