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Company Profile

Duncan Y.

Senior Member
Hi Guys,

I've got a problem here. I'm not sure what to do now as i really have my hands full and need some advice to move on to the work. The company i'm working with now needs a profile design and since i'm the designer(a self-educate) so its really been a hard time for me to figure out the contents.

I have some ideas and been thinking that if the boss(es) needs it to attach with products catalog would be a lot more easier so i don't have to do 'that much' copy-writing.[laugh]

As a self-educate (so call) designer [ok i'm teasing myself again] i would certainly like to separate the company profile and the product catalog, but i think when dealing with the budget, i guess my 'evil' plans just won't work.

So here's the catch, can someone pin point some examples (i've collected some amount of catalogs for reference) of the points that i should be focusing into what should i consider when designing a company profile? Or perhaps some tips upon the contents?

FYI, I'm the all in one type designer they have in the company, i'm the copywriter, the designer, the photographer, research personnel and the rest you name it.

Well, if you need any information regarding the project just feel free to ask.

Many Thanks in Advance!

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
A company profile is simply a snapshot of what the company is about. Traditionally it's on a one sided sheet, so can sit on the inside page of a catalogue but many large companies use a booklet or "brochure" for their profile

Here's some different styles of profile to give you a bit of inpsiration:

You can take it from many different angles. The examples above are from high profile companies.

Here's a little brainstorm for you in terms of what to include
  • Company Focus
  • Company Goals
  • Company Direction
  • Core Values
  • Significant History (ie. mergers, acquisitions etc.)
  • The Future

hope that's of some help to you :)