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Comic Books/Graphic Novels


Tony Hardy

Does anybody read any awesome comic books/graphic novels? I know there are a lot of Illustrators on here and wondered where you guys draw your inspiration and things from.

I'm currently reading through the Preacher series, and holy hell (pun intended) it's AWESOME!


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I used to like reading Tank Girl but then I totally went off Jamie Hewlett when I found out they totally stole the idea for the Gorrilaz from someone else.
Minor rant.


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Some guy had the idea for a cartoon band and outlined all the plot and the character profiles and did some character designs but it got passed to Jamie Hewlett who was sharing a flat with Damon Albarn at the time to do some work on them.
Some time later Jamie and Damon came up with the Gorrillaz which were just a polished version of the guys concept.
The guy tried to take legal action but it would have bankrupted him to proceed with it as Albarn/Hewlett were backed by the record company.
They paid the guy a small sum to sign a gagging order so he couldn't talk about it.
It was a friend of the guy who was talking about it as he wasn't covered by the gagging order and showed all the guys original concepts to prove his point.
Bad show!


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I don't tend to buy many (and if I do it's local small press stuff more than superheroes), but I'm gathering a few classics together. Here's a few I'd recommend:

Violent Cases
Basically a comic for people who don't read comics. Interesting story about memories by Niel Gaiman and insane dreamlike oil-paint/mixed-media artwork from Dave McKean.

Arkham Asylum
You wouldn't have the Arkham Asylum/City games without this. More amazingness from Dave McKean with Grant Morrison doing a story about the crazy Batman villains and the twisted history of the asylum itself.

Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction
Again an example of other media drawing on comics for inspiration, without this Ron Perlman would never have been exposed to so much red face paint. I love Mike Mignola's art style and have tried to incorporate more of his way of using solid blacks to define shapes into my own work. It's a bit different to the movie, but there's still a demon in a trench coat fighting supernatural beasties and occult-obsessed nazis.

Usagi Yojimbo
What's not cool about a Samurai Rabbit, inspired by a historical swordsman and ronin, with early ties to Eastman & Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? All written and drawn by Stan Takai. I only own book 24 and a massive "The Art Of" book, as it's quite a long running series starting in the 80s. I really like his traditional black & white dippy pen cartoon art style.