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Come on then, who downloaded iOS7? What do you think?

So iOS7 came out yesterday (for those of us who didn't get the developer version, anyway). Did you all rush to download it?
I started to download it at around 6:30pm, but of course it failed about 3 times, so ended up downloading it about 4am (I was up feeding babies, I'm not that obsessed!).
Spent some time with it today, and originally thought it was very gimicky, but actually I've come to really enjoy it now. Some nice features, whether they're 'new' or not I don't know but they're a welcome addition anyway.
What do those of you who downloaded it think?
Got it a few hours ago, not yet made up my mind. There doesn't seem to be that many new features, the most exciting thing i've found so far is the spirit level! The icons are growing on me and i think i'm actually starting to enjoy the gradients!