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Come in, say "hi"


New Member
I'm Dan and I'm based in south wales, not a graphic designer as such but ever since I got hold of a copy of CorelDRAW I haven't been able to stop myself from fiddling and now seem to have a decent basic understanding of the programme but looking to upgrade as its a bit dated being Graphics Suite 12 an all :icon_rolleyes:

I've done a few logos for some websites I'm a member of, couple of examples here:

Dubshire for Shropshire based VW enthusiasts

Mk2 Golf VR6 Enthusiasts Club

Please don't be too critical, I have no background in design or art apart from a 'B' at GCSE level...for a living I survey trees!:icon_smile:

I'm loving this forum, very informative :icon_thumbup:

So thats me, hopefully I'll speak to some of you whilst on my journey of discovery in to the world of graphic design :icon_biggrin: