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Collaborative Projects


Active Member
Has anyone here had much success in collaborative projects? I've only ever had the chance to do a few bits as collab projects in my last full-time job, but thought that working as a freelancer I'd have had more opportunities to take on some joint projects, with other designers/illustrators/creatives.

Do you think there is any truth in the phrase, a camel is a horse designed by committee, which I think is meaning that the vision/idea of one person is greater/purer than that of a combination as the vision becomes diluted once everyone has their involvement?


Junior Member
I've never really had the opportunity of collaborating with others. Rather, I should so that I haven't taken the opportunity to collaborate. Everytime I've had the chance to collaborate I worry that our ideas will be too opposing, or my perfectionism will get in they way....

I think I'd really have to get to know someone before I would be comfortable working on a project with them...but maybe I'm just being close-minded about it.