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cold in the UK..


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hello all,
My name is kayleigh, I have just moved to the UK from the beautiful country South Africa.
Not really sure what to say, i do however want to know, seen as i am unsure of how things work over here, how i go about finding a job... i know not an origional question , but hey. or maybe drop a few names of some good design companies in the east middlands???
ta very much


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Welcome to DF.
Put a sig up of work you have done, then people can contact you from there with work they have if they like your style and price.
gumtree and creativepool's websites weren't very good to me when looking for a new job in today's economic climate... i went the way of contacting a few design agents and got on their books, so there was an incentive for a real human being to find me a job as they get commission... i got a job about 3 weeks after finding a good agent... look a few up online in your local area... and good luck!

oh, and "Hi!"

welcome to the DFs!
Hi Kay,

Welcome to Blightey and Design Forums!

You could also try

Online Marketing, Digital Media, Web, Design and Technical Vacancies from Chinwag Jobs,
Advertising, creative, design, digital, media, new media and web jobs.
Purple Recruitment Consultancy in London & Leeds. Invigorating Futures
Recruitment Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations PR, Design and Digital Jobs UK

Some companies prefer not to deal with Recruitment Agencies though, so you could also try applying directly to companies. Unfortunately I'm not so familiar with Design Agencies around East Midlands.

Best of luck with the job hunt. And I hope you'll enjoy your stay here!



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wow guys!! thanks alot, i just have no idea where to start you knwo, some great ideas! i did try creative pool and all those online agencies but i know, alas, i am just another number. so i guess i better do some agency research then..
cool beans!