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Coffee or Tea, which are you?

I like green tea, lemon tea is my fav.
When I was traveling in Russia I really got into the whole tea in a glass thing...no milk of course.
Just one industrial strength sugar cube that doesn't dissolve.


Senior Member
and the mint tea is delicious ! Properties of the "naanaa". =)
However my sister's boyfriend (who is Tunisian) maintains that it is a good thing after a meal but it can be a bit dangerous if we drink too much mint tea... even if people drink a lot of mint tea in the Maghreb.


I had a cup of my chilli coffee this morning :) gives you a bit of a wake up call thats for sure :D

black coffee with ground chilli powder and tobasco :) wake up juice :D :lol: (had to be up at 5am for planting at the alotment :eek: )