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Coffee lovers.


Staff member
Took delivery of my new coffee machine at the weekend. It's nothing fancy but my old machine sprung a leak years ago and was binned, it's taken me till now to replace it so I'm quite a happy bunny now!!

That wasn't the reason for this post though!.. I wanted to share an amazing find with you all! Its a company called York Coffee Emporium. I've been aware of them for some time as a mate of mine did their branding and e-commerce about 12 months ago but until now haven't tried their coffee's... WOW!! The Vietnam roast is amazing!.. I think it's the first time I've ever been aware of being on a caffeine high!!

If coffee's your thing you've got to try this stuff!!

... carry on.. lol
I sometimes have a cup of tea but coffee is definitely my drink. I'll look them up, however I'm a lazy coffee drinker and a couple of spoons of Carte Noir, boiling water and milk and I'm happy.