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Coffee drinker


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Anyone here a coffee drinker?

Moved to London a couple of months ago and discovered independent coffee shops that use amazing Square Mile roasts!

Anyone want to nerd out?


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ello again!

we went for a Starbucks once... i remember you got an espresso or similar.

got a french press at home?


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lol i knew i'd get a good answer outta you

yeah haven't been to starbucks since working there - found much better coffee elsewhere!
I had my one and only cup of coffee when I was about 12, well I had a gulp and was immediately alarmed at how rancid it tasted. I have never tasted it since and when fresh beans are being ground and the smell gets near my snout I wretch.

Tea time.


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@Greg - yeah the smell is incredible! cappuccinos aren't that great to be honest; lots of foam for no reason. get yourself a flat white or a latte if you prefer a weaker coffee :)

@yellowdog - no way! that sucks! sounds like me and vodka... but that was a whole night of drinking... and it didnt end well.
A woman in the office produced something very odd the other day, coffee in a individual coffee bag. Like a tea bag, but it had ground coffee in.

Didn't taste to bad considering, better than instant.


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if any of you guys have a french press you can do filter coffee for crazy cheap.

take it to work with you.

all you need to do is buy beans and ask them to grind them to french press.

i spend 30p a cup i believe? tiny amounts. and nice coffee if you go to independent coffee shops too.
My Nespresso machine is the greatest office purchase I have made. Had a mild panic attack when it broke but they picked it up next day and gave me a courtesy machine while it was being repaired. Love their customer service.


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ah i went to Milkbar a week or two ago. the same guys who own Milkbar own Flat White just around the corner.

they use Square Mile roast so there's probably 10-20 other coffee shops around that use the same roasts.

in all honestly the quality of their steamed milk doesnt compare to Kaffeine (between Oxford Circus and Marylebone).

try a Cortado/Piccolo next time you go though Crocky. maybe better for a day you're a bit more tired as is less milk so tastes stronger, but is perfect all the same.