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Coda or Espresso?


Senior Member
Hey guys,

Have been posting only a few times a week recently, have been busy with school shite, but I'm sure you all missed me :p

Anyway, I recently downloaded the 15 day trial of Espresso, and am really unsure whether to get it, or to invest in it and leave Coda on the shelf?

One of the main things I like is the line names down the side in Espresso, and the fact you can save shite as .htaccess for example, as on Coda it makes you save it .htaccess.html, which get's annoying.

Espresso is £40 or so, so I won't be spending another £80 (like I did with Coda).

Ideas? Anyone got any experience with either?
Go for coda. Easy as that.

In Coda if you go to view then hidden files you can see .htaccess files and you shouldn't have any problems creating them.

Give me a shout if its still not working for you.

The site management in coda makes it well worth the extra 40 quid.