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Hi everyone,

I would like introduce with you about our company.
We are website design company from United Kingdom ( Company Number : 08504004)
Our service specific in website design with cheap price for customer. Moreover, We also supply domain and hosting cheap price as well as SEO for your website.

If you or your company want design a website in e-currency exchange ( automatic and manual), Forums , Money website , Gaming site, Forex, Hyip or an website introducing your company.
Please contact us now to get discount price.

Best Regard,
Cocsi Ltd - Cheap Website Design
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Paul Murray

Staff member
Welcome to the forum.

Get some work in your portfolio, it's hard to attract business when potential clients have nothing to base a judgement of your services off. Also, are the testimonials on your site genuine? They seem to be written in the same tongue as the rest of the copy on your site :icon_biggrin:


Well-Known Member
Hi there, welcome to the forum.

Must agree with Paul, made up testimonials arn't cool. Also, and I'll put this as polite as possible, English doesn't seem to be your first language, but as you're working in the UK, offering services to the UK, you might want to consider having your content rewritten. Potential clients may be put off by spelling and grammatical error, leading to very few clients for you.