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Cocon font


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I don't think it will last a whole 'career', I can see it looking dated in a few years time, and no can't say I've seen it in use anywhere?


Staff member
I'd never actually heard of cocon or seen it for that matter but it seems that my logo is similar to it in some ways. Atleast my new logo's timeless then :p
Cocon is used as Butlin's "Splash" swimming pool main font, I used to produce work for Butlins at my last place. Everything imo associated with Butlins is rubbish, so by default, so is Cocon, despite having a funny name.


Really Nik? thats not a pleasant thing to be reminded of? Butlins can harm the psyche of anyone.
We (previous studio i was at) bought Cocon last summer - thought it was great - then realised its everywhere - ASDA use it on frozen veg - Durex on rubber jonnies - everywhere.

Nice typeface tho.