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CMS System - Freelancer


Senior Member
Hi Guys,

At present we use a freelance developer for most of our sites who has built his own CMS system, so basically I hand over the html designs and bolts his CMS on to it, its works well and as we have worked with him for a few years its cost effective for us but he is looking to change careers etc so basically I guess im wondering if anyone has a excellent contact for a developer they presently use, im not really looking for an agency/company just a reliable person that we can build a solid relationship with.

Any pointers would be great.

Hi Brett,

Are you looking for ASP or PHP? What kind of thing are you looking for in the developer? Is it all going to be CMS based or are there other projects too?
I always work with a really great developer at bifbam.com (it's just the one guy there)

I usually just hand him the layout and artwork as illustrator files and he seems to be able to do whatever I ask of him. He's very reliable and I find his prices very good. Give him a shout and sound him out.


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We can also help you out here.

Clear Media is made up of just two people - myself (front-end) and my partner (back-end development). The majority of our sites are custom built CMS and ecommerce but we also use some MODX open source CMS where appropriate. You can view our portfolio at clearmediawebsites.co.uk.

Please feel free to get in touch