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Cloud sync, share & storage

Hi all
I'm hoping that you may be able to make some suggestions on the following:
We are a new design agency and have 3 freelancers working in different areas of the UK, we all use adobe creative suite but are desperately in need of some cloud software so that we can all store files (very very large).
These files also ideally need to be syncronise each time one of us works on a file.
What does everyone else use?


Staff member
I'm not exactly the same situation but I actually have a nas accessible from the web. I think the biggest issue you're going to face is the file upload times because I can't think of any cloud storage that supports incremental updates on adobe files..... not sure about adobe creative cloud though, that might
This is from the adobe site.

"Welcome to file sharing designed specifically for creatives. Every layer is maintained. Past versions are saved. And private folders control who can see your stuff. Save to the cloud right from your tools, or drag and drop to a desktop folder. Access files, edit, comment, and re-upload. With 100GB of storage per person, there's a lot of space to go around."

All for a price.
I am a Creative Cloud subscriber since last February. My overall experience with this service is good. The server is fast. However, I encountered a couple of problems during the last two months:
  1. The local folder doesn't synchronize with the server;
  2. The files don't appear on the browser while on Adobe website;
Both problems come and go every once in a while. The technical assistance is unfortunately not prompt. Adobe uses call centers from India like many other companies. When they are faced with a technical problem they are unable to fix it, and they ask you to contact them again during office hours (California Timezone). Not exactly a 24/7 assistance.
I hope you found my contribution useful Balders!