Clipping Paths


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For a long time there was a website building franchise system in India (and other places) where they would set you up a website and you could go find clients who would get a site built in one of the sausage factories.

Then came the SEO thing. You would get endless emails from JohnSmith at offering SEO services and more recently guest posting.

The latest trend now appears to be clipping path services. A whole load of people spamming forums, blogs freelancers site offering background removal. Graphically challenged as I am I assume this is a fairly simple process, easily sold to Gupta in Pune as a home business.

PS: I had an email once from Charles Prince.


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Yes - it's a growing trend - and typically these Clipping Path services have a room filled with computers and underage workers completing clipping paths for a lot less than minimum wage, like a sweatshop for clothes have been reported many times. The owners of these clipping path sweatshops take a healthy profit from 1000's of clipping paths completed daily, and pay extremely little to the workers who are minors.

I don't really know what the point of this thread is.

PS: I once had an email from Donald Trump, the King Saudia Arabia, and lawyer for an exiled Prince in Nigeria who wanted to transfer money to my account and we'd share in millions of dollars.

There's articles for spotting spam

Rule of thumb - if you get a phone call/email/letter that is from someone looking for money:
Phone: Tell them you will call them back - look up their helpline online and contact them directly through their official support channels
Email: Find their official website and/or call into a local branch asking to speak to someone in relation to an email you received.
Letter: Don't act on anything in the letter. Don't use the contact details. Find the contact details yourself, or call to the official place of business and speak to someone directly.

If you suspect that anyone here on the forums is acting in a fradulent way - then contact a moderator or the site admin directly. If anything illegal has or is about to take place, contact the admin.

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The point of the thread was to see if anyone else has seen the clipping path trend.

The emails aren't necessarily spam, they just have name up names - some of which are quite funny.