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Clients From Abroad


Tony Hardy

Just started dealing with a new client and he's from Egypt.
He says he needs a SWIFT code for my bank account rather than a sort code? Had a bit research and it seems normal.
Has anyone experienced foreign clients, what has it been like?


Only from the states, but we've just been (reluctantly) using paypal so far. Haven't really got my head around the whole finding a way to not pay ridiculous fees for currency conversion. I could just do it via my bank I guess.


Staff member
yeah had a us company, they just need a code to go with everything. It makes the transfer easier supposedly and I suppose it did apart from one hidden charge from MY bank :angry: .
I got charged 15 quid by my bank (lovely people aren't they) and from what I could tell how much transferred didn't matter, luckily it wasn't too bad in this case as it was a couple of grand but it's worth noting in case of smaller amounts

Tony Hardy

There best not be any additional charges! If there is, the client will be getting them on his final bill! Haha.


New Member
Have a lot of experience with clients all over the world. The difference being that I take 30% upfront, 30% 3/4 into the job and 40% on delivery.
You can most probably find the SWIFT code on your banks website or if you Google it