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Click through code

Hello, I am launching a new web site for In Case of Emergency products and I would like to offer selected charities the opportunity to raise funds if their clients buy the products.

Is it possible to have a piece of code that they can then embed in their website that allows visitors to click on that and be redirected to my website to buy the product. This needs to have a unique code relevant to that charity that is visible to me when the product is bought online so that I can allocate their payment.

If this is possible I am a cash limited start up can anyone advise how much this would be likely to cost me for each piece of code as I do not want to pass any costs on to the charity.

Perhaps you could also advise what type of IT professional I need to look for to do this sort of work.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Regards Trish
I'd suggest using Google Analytics for this, you should be able to add a referral 'id' or 'name' to the end of a link to your website which would be unique to each charity you want to work with. This would involve minimal work on your side as all you'd have to do is set up Google Analytics on your site if you haven't already and configure it to look out for certain referral 'names' or 'ids'.

As there'd be no 'new code' to be written the cost would more than likely be the developers hourly rate.

A web developer or search engine optimiser should be able to set it up for you!