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Clever Logo's

Hey guys! Clever logo's? Post your favourite ones here! If you have made your own, post them too!
I'll start us off, here's mine I made just a bit ago, it's a logo of my name Faizan Abbas.


Staff member
ohhhh FA.... looks so much like F9, sorry but it's only clever if it shows what it's supposed to


Active Member
I was just thinking the exact same thing, not too sure about the mystical fairy setting. I think the 'F' should be more uniform reduce the size of the arm at the top.
Concept wise I thinks ok, You would probably get away with adding a stem to the arm of the top of the 'F' and then bring that down as all one shape kind of a square FA if that makes sense.
This would remove the confusion, create a unique shape and also give the nod towards your initials in an abstract way.


Nice to see you getting involved! Let us know when you've made the necessary changes, I'd love to see the improved version! What made you want to choose that background setting?


but Levi your post is so warm and friendly..... and encourages people to post their work on DF SO much..... ;)