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Circular Logo


Senior Member
Hey everyone,

It's been a long time since I have logged on as I haven't done any sort of design work in over a year, having missed it I offered to design a business card and website for a friend.

Basically he is a personal trainer/massage/acupuncture guy and I don't know where or who by but has had a logo designed already (it's a new logo that people aren't aware of yet so not an established brand!). The problem is that I absolutely HATE the logo and am really struggling to work it into any sort of design due to the circular shape, the gradient and the fact that the body is pointed looks odd next to type. I have offered to redesign it for him but he's not interested.

Any ideas how I can make this usable and fit into any respectable design?

see attached.

Thanks in advance.



Junior Member
Agree with you 100% - it sucks big time!

Maybe adapt it slightly so you like it, work with that and then replace it with the **** version before emailing to him? Just a plain grey circle is better than that to work with

What's the red - are they his legs, what? I don't know... The gradiented part doesn't even flow on from the solid red
Tell him to respect your professional opinion! This is a problem I come across frequently - some people have trouble trusting the designer.

And I'd definitely move away from the grey/red - too corporate.


I would raise the issues you're having with him and stress the point that this logo simply won't work for his business, that you understand he has spent time and money on the current design but in the long term it will be saving/making him money by getting it right now.

If he's still not willing to budge then all you can do is what he's paying you for - even if you're not happy with it. You can't force someone to choose the right answer, only help guide them to realise it themselves.