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Christmas Presents...


New Member
Hi guys. So... i've just been trawling through the internet looking for gift ideas for friends and family. They're all pretty standard and then I came across this suggestion; making a booklet for a younger member of the family. Using PhotoShop and an image of said person, place over stock images of famous land marks, making it seem as though they've travelled the world! I thought this was great as it could show off your design skills.
But, I have a few more gifts I need to give and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for Christmas presents a graphic designer to give? Not long left now!



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Typo how much was that Pantone Mug you had? Anyone else noticed they have lots of those in the background on... This Morning I think it is.
Urban Outfitters are always good for quirky gifts, also a website called notonthehighstreet.com is a good little place.

Who is it you need to buy for and what are they in to? x
I'll have to put those socks on my list :)

Well I don't actually have any money so was looking for cheap solutions.
Things to make, using my design skills, or not but something cool!

I bought an old book from a charity shop and hollowed it out so it can be a stash box for my Dad :)
Should've carved an illustration into the book! :) I done one for uni, my mum kept pestering me to get it back in time for christmas so I could give it to her as a present.