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Christmas Present Book...

I know it's meant to be a surprise, but some people might not be sure what design book I want, so I suggested Logo Design ( http://www.logodesignlovebook.com/ )

Has anyone read this or know someone who has? Good? Useful?



Looks to me like a book for a newly qualified designer or a junior designer.. not really for anyone who's been in the business for a while :)
I've read it, to be honest I thought it was a very lightweight. It's less than 200 pages of which about 1/3rd are images and set in about 14pt type, so very short on content. Has some good tips on the basics but didn't teach me anything new, felt a bit like it was clumped together from various blog posts. However it does cover good practice for approaching design briefs so maybe a good checklist if nothing else.

Most useful design book I've read recently is 'How to Run a Successful Design Business' by Shan Praddy. It's not light reading by any means but really focuses on the practical and business building side from a designers perspective. Highly recommended for the self employed/ design business owners.