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Christmas Music...help!

Random question but does anyone know an online radio or website that streams christmassy music?

I really want to play some in the office in the background to feel a bit more festive but can't seem to find anything like it online :(


How about something like spotify.. i'm sure that they have a sort by category > Christmas music :)


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Spotify is free if you have adverts every 5(? or so) songs...
they fade into the background most of the time

or its £10 a month :)


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printedeasy said:
It says i can only have it free if i get invited. I'm gonna try out last.fm
Do you want an invite Sarah? Spotify is excellent, the ads aren't too regular, and seems like the more you use it the less you hear them :)confused: is that illogical?)

As for Christmas-y songs check this site for Spotify playlists > Christmas | Share Spotify Playlists at ShareMyPlaylists.com once you have Spotify its just a case of clicking the link and it will load the playlist and start playing for you :)

After a number of years working in retail at Christmas there's no way I'll be using any of those playlists though!!


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if you have an iphone spotify is golden. you can download the songs for free to the app so that even when you drop 3g (on the train or whatever) you have access to the song.

and itunes had a killer deal on xmas music so i downloaded one album, turned out it had only 90% of the songs i wanted but saved me a **** load :p
I ended up creating a playlist on last.fm thanks guys!

If anyone is feeling festive you should download this song that a load of bands did round here for charity - The Bands Care Project on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos

My boyfriend sings the line - "Well tonight thank God it's them instead of you"

And there's a video - YouTube - The Bands Care Project Official Video Christmas 2009 (he's the stupid one with the hat on making the stupid face at the end of his singing)

Anyway i thought i would just mention it seeing as it's charity 'n' all!
ha ha i only ever view it for a few seconds at 1.59 so ive not seen much else! lol. Apart from my other friend who does the rap bit towards the end (Where suprisingly Dan is making yet another strange face)! That recording studio is here at the print factory. I feel famous,.haha..not.