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Christmas email template


Senior Member
Who will you be sending it to? Looks fine to me, perhaps your Facebook/twitter links are drawing the attention too much away from the graphic.

Typo "MCB Web Design is a web design and development agency"


very nice design there :) i like it very simple :) but I do agree about the twitter / facebook being far too large :)


Senior Member
Stack facebook & twitter ontop of each other to keep within the centre aligned theme. (also align the text at bottom to centre :))
Its nice, but it doesnt make me feel christmasy!
Makes me feel like sleeping (not cos its boring) just cos its night time and dark!

Ooops just realised im too late for feedback as you have already sent it.
Im sure it was loved and appreciated :)


Senior Member
not at all.

if we like it (and you dont put something up for critique when you dont actually care what the responses are) we'll have some sort of respect for yer.

otherwise, nah.
Well the reason for that is, it's Christmas next week and a lot of people will be finishing work early this week, if not the back end of last week. I wanted it sent out as soon as possible, hence the quick "critique this" thread. Sorry if you feel I was taking advantage.


Senior Member
this is all im gonna quote.

And I'll also work on making the Facebook and Twitter icons far less prominent.
you never did.

it just seemed like you were advertising your business because you said you were gonna work on something and then sent it out as usual anyway.


Senior Member
it's not to meet my needs im just letting you know that's what it appeared as.

i wasnt trying to start a flame war i was just giving my own opinion.