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Christmas card printing - suggestions?

Apart from the usual suspects, any recommended greetings card printers?

I'd prefer to use a company based in Glasgow, or Scotland, but would take my business down South if I had to ;)
I've got printvend lined up for mine, always used them for print and they're pretty good quality, also cheapest greeting cards I could find (bearing in mind I have a reseller account at 15% off), and come with envelopes which is always an added bonus.


Yeah, not sure why I omitted them, I'm going to do them for clients as well, starting next year. (Hopefully I'll have enough clients by then to warrant printing some..!)

I've always wanted to sell greeting cards, but not when I'm making 20p profit from each sale and can't seem to find many other physical outlets for such products from someone other than Hallmark.

I normally scour the internet for the best deals when it comes to printing. How many cards were you looking to get printed? That will determine the level of value for money. Moo have an offer on at the moment, their 50 card pack is reasonably priced.

MOO Christmas Cards | Design and print personalised Christmas Cards | moo.com
I'm selling, worked out that with printing, envelopes and plastic covering its about 37p a card. As I'm printing my own art prints on them I'm selling them at pack of 5 for £3 so yes 23p profit per card, but that is like 63% profit margin so not bad at all really. Other alternative is to sell at 70p per card but typically people like to buy sets
well this will be a first for me, I'm getting 300 printed in all, 50 for F&F and then 250 for selling. It's a one off at the moment as I'm displaying my art at a arts & craft fair in a few weeks so thought I'd have something along side to guarantee some sales.