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Chocolate Bar logo

Hi there, I;m new here and looking for some valuable feedback on a logo I've been working on. First off, im no graphic designer, so go easy on me :D

It's just a mock up in photoshop atm, for a hot chocolate shop I plan to open.



Hi, your initial concepts are not too bad and I do like how you’ve incorporated a spoon as part of the name (similar idea to incorporating a cup handle as the ‘C’ in ‘Cocoa’). However I believe the logo lacks character and personality.

What feelings and messages do you want your logo to communicate to your customers?
For example ‘Luxury’, ‘Playful’, ‘Simple’, ‘Obvious’, etc

What stylistics preferences do you want to achieve?
For example whether you want something artistic and bold or sophisticated and minimal.

Is the name ‘Cocoa Bar’ available? (Company name? Domain name?)

Any suggestions for a strapline?
(A strapline should communicate the core idea of your company, product and/or service.
For example ‘Tesco - Every Little Helps’ and ‘Subway - Eat Fresh’)

Have you researched major competitors like Costa, Starbucks, Hotel Chocolat, Cadbury, Galaxy, Nestle, etc. Look into their brand positioning, style, colour, type, packaging, logo, etc.

You may wish to look into how chocolate is made, starting from the raw form to the finished product. Helps tell a story as part of your brand development.

Perhaps you should work closely with a Graphic Designer through every step of the branding. Providing as much information as possible to the designer.

Also think about how your logo will be used?
For example packaging, stickers, shop signage, dress code (branded clothing), etc.
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Thanks for the reply. I wanted to convey a simple yet fun shop. It's not going to be over the top luxurious, but not cheap either. That's why u though a simple and clean design would show that.