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Chelsea vs. Southend


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Most/all of you may not know but I'm a Southend fan, have been for the last 5 years, and went along to the Bridge today.

What a day out, what an ending and it's still sinking in. That's what supporting your local team is all about, and I can't wait for the replay!

I think Southend have got a great chance because Chelsea are on the rocks at the moment. You're at home too so that's in your favour. I'll be cheering Southend on. I do like to see a FA cup upset!!!



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Cheers Greg. A great night out but I couldn't deal with that excitement week in week out. It's starting to kill me :icon_biggrin:

Glad we took the lead, and no-one can take away the fact we drew at their place.
I watched MOTD, and when I saw them score, I jumped up! (Luckily my son was in bed - he is a chelsea fan) I really wanted SE to win - shake it up a little.