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Check your 20p coins - could be worth £50!

I checked my 'piggy bank' and found one exactly like it on the back, then turned it over and to my horror "2008" - what a let down that was. They're on ebay already :icon_smile:

Stationery Direct

Staff member
People have said that they will be collectors items one day, 200k in circulation though which is quite a lot for them to be rare....although, I don't have one! :icon_mad: ....anyway, I only use large notes :icon_biggrin:
Little hint for my GDF friends. If you have one with the new tails side with 2008 on the front on ebay my brother got £5 even though its still worth 20p. Seems to be the case that people don't know what they're looking for.:icon_biggrin: